A random deal for gamblers who need new shoes

This Amazon listing is for a “Bed Stu Men's Plattsburgh Boot”, but as you can see, the accompanying image is very un-bootlike sandal made by Roan. A tiny bit of research, and I found this listing for a “Bed Stu Men's Plattsburg Combat Boot”, which seem to be handcrafted, Goodyear welted boots. If I were a gambling man who needed a new pair of boots, I might click on the sandal listing and see if a boot gets delivered. Bed Stu boots typically retail in the $200+ range, so $23.95 is a pretty great deal, and the free Amazon returns take most of the risk out of this gamble. Note: Bed Stu boots run large. I would size down. Also: Bed Stu is more known for making distressed, sort-of-fashionable boots. I own a pair (bought on clearance at urbn ), but if I needed a pair of boots for anything serious, this isn’t the brand I would count on.

Sometimes a new pair of pants costs less than a tailor

Not my friend. This is a random public domain image I found. The photo my buddy posted looked sort of similar except his pants were black and he wasn’t baring his midriff.   Today, a buddy of mine posted that he lost seventy (70!) pounds during the pandemic. He didn’t get sick – he just really benefitted from working from home. He ate healthier and replaced his two hour daily commute with exercise. The only downside is that his old work clothes now look ridiculous on him and he’s going to have to start going back to the office. Tailoring his old clothes is going to be more expensive than buying a new wardrobe. I thought I’d help him by looking for some deals on business casual pants, and I thought I’d share some of the deals I found here. I mostly looked at Theory, which makes solid, slightly hip menswear that would do well in many offices. There are several really good deals on Amazon right now: Theory Men's Zaine Gearheart Wool Slim Fit Pant in Sand Storm Size 34 is on sale for

The Dumbest Thing I Ever Purchased

Pictured: the Coach Mercer Woven Leather Craftsman Tote in Black/Fawn as I saw it on 6pm’s website for 96% off The dumbest thing I ever purchased was also one of the best deals I ever found. I was clicking through 6pm when I found this Coach bag – the Mercer Woven Leather Craftsman Tote in Black/Fawn – on sale for $39.99 - reduced from $1000 or something stupid like that.  I was so excited about the ridiculous discount that I clicked purchase in a rush of adrenaline or dopamine or whatever neurotransmitter encourages impulse purchases of luxury leather handbags.  I felt really proud of myself for scoring such a huge deal, but then the bag arrived in a huge box, and I realized I’d purchased an albatross for 96% off, which meant that I’d voluntarily purchased an albatross for $39.99 plus tax. I didn’t know what to do with the thing – I guess I should have eBayed it or brought it to a consignment store or something, but instead I just tossed it into a closet and tried to forget about

A brief intro

My first job out of college was in fashion. I ended up in a different field, but still like clothes and seem to know more about them than the average guy. I’m really good at finding great deals on clothing - it seems to be my hidden superpower. If it had been up to me, I’d have chosen flight or teleportation, but in the hidden superpower game you get what you get I guess, so I figured I’d start a blog and share my skills with the world.