Sometimes a new pair of pants costs less than a tailor

Not my friend. This is a random public domain image I found. The photo my buddy posted looked sort of similar except his pants were black and he wasn’t baring his midriff. 

Today, a buddy of mine posted that he lost seventy (70!) pounds during the pandemic. He didn’t get sick – he just really benefitted from working from home. He ate healthier and replaced his two hour daily commute with exercise. The only downside is that his old work clothes now look ridiculous on him and he’s going to have to start going back to the office. Tailoring his old clothes is going to be more expensive than buying a new wardrobe. I thought I’d help him by looking for some deals on business casual pants, and I thought I’d share some of the deals I found here.

I mostly looked at Theory, which makes solid, slightly hip menswear that would do well in many offices. There are several really good deals on Amazon right now:

Theory Men's Zaine Gearheart Wool Slim Fit Pant in Sand Storm

Size 34 is on sale for $34.98. A different color is listed at Nordstrom for $285, so not a bad deal. There are two more colors and a bunch more sizes on Amazon’s website for different prices. 

Theory Men's Mayer Eldon Suit Pants

size 40 is $40.43 reduced from $265
sizes 32, 34, and 38 are also available at lower discounts.

Theory Men's Mayer Slubbed Summer Suit Pant in a Grey Melange wool/linen blend

size 29 is $23.47
size 28 is $24.82
If either of these options fits you, this is a really great price.
There is a second color available in more sizes, but at less of a discount.

Theory Men's Mayer Sartorial Stretch Wool Trouser in Bright Royal
Size 31 is on sale for $46.86. The list price seems to be $245, which puts these pants at approx. 81% off.

Theory Men's Zaine Cotton Stretch Pants in Deep Raven (They’re chinos.)

Size 40 is listed for $49.59. List price is $225, which makes these 78% off.
Some other sizes are available at lower discounts.

While we’re looking at chinos, I found a really great deal on this pair of Michael Stars Men's Chino Pants
Size 30 is $12.02, which is probably something like 90% off retail. 
Michael Stars is better known for their women’s line. I’ve never tried their chinos, but at this price it seems hard to go wrong – and Amazon has free returns anyway.

Note: Amazon can change their prices whenever they want. If the prices are different from what I reported, follow Habilimento regularly, and I’m sure you’ll find some great deals in the future.


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